What is only important to know is, that I´m a passionate optimist and I love pictures. I could supply you with the same old self-marketing bored text – or just say what I´m about! Passion is my central drive. Shoot pictures that I love and others. You can´t put me in categories, 10 Seconds or 10 hours, beautiful pictures are beautiful pictures, good stories, good stories. My aim is always glossy.

I make films and I love what I do. Advertising, culture, music, sports, caravan or outside broadcast vehicle, studio or road, Cape Verde or Cologne. There are no problems, only solutions, no budgets are too small nor too large, no right or wrong – films are always a result of different perspectives, opinions, ideas and passion. You can feel it from the first moment. My aim is always the highest top of the mountain – and it starts by myself.



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